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Pregnancy Pillow – Buying Advice, Ranking and Reviews

A pregnancy pillow is a useful tool to support the weight of the baby bump which becomes important during the last few weeks before giving birth. But then it will also be useful to support the weight of the baby during breastfeeding. They are made with a very special shape that serves to follow the shapes of the mother and support specific parts of the body. The comparison of the different proposals we have selected for this post will allow you to quickly identify which characteristics to look for in the ideal model. Going straight to the best offers on the market today will save you the time to devote to research. In addition, you will know that you are investing your money in the best possible way. We want to draw your attention to two models in particular. Merrymama – 100% Cottonit is stuffed with spelled husk, a completely natural substance known for its particularly useful properties. Nuvita – DreamWizard has a different shape than the usual nursing pillow and is suitable for different uses.

The Best Pregnancy Pillows

Our product review suggests which pregnancy pillow to buy. They were all chosen taking into consideration the quality of the invoice and the favorable opinions expressed by users. We hope you can find the solution that best suits your needs.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow

Merrymama Provencal Breastfeeding and Pregnancy Pillow Ecru

This pillow is designed to support the mother during the later stages of pregnancy but also to be used during breastfeeding and beyond. In fact, it lends itself to assume exactly the desired shape also due to the versatile padding that allows it to flex as needed.

Among the models sold online, it is the one that has been popular with mothers for the longest time. The attention to the raw materials used and the fact that we were among the first to offer this type of article, helps the Merrymama company to emerge in the number of producers.

The filling of spelled husk, that is the bran that covers this cereal, is ideal for maintaining the optimal temperature of the pillow even if in close contact with the skin. It is also very easy to shape the look of the pillow so that it can adapt to the shapes of the baby bump and legs that need to be raised to facilitate circulation. Two laces at the ends of the sausage allow you to completely close the pillow and function as a support for the baby.


One of the best sellers ever : Merrymama is a reference point for mothers looking for an object created taking into account the needs of both and with an eye to the environment. The fabrics are tested for contact with the skin and the spelled husk is certified organic.

Natural stuffing : The choice of the bran for this cereal is not accidental, it lends itself well to being used to maintain the ideal body temperature. It does not cause allergies and is naturally anti-mite.

Versatile and easy to use in so many ways : The design of this pillow hides no great mysteries, it is a fabric tube filled with bran. But it easily assumes the forms and positions that are best suited to promote sleep or support the baby, during breastfeeding, rest or play.


Difficult to maintain : Cleaning the pillow can be tedious if necessary. It is necessary to empty it and leave the chaff in the sun because it fears humidity. If these operations don’t scare you, here’s where to buy the Merrymama pillow.

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