Pests and Garden pest remedies How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

A frequently asked question in people’s minds suffering from bed bug bites is how to get rid of bed bugs. They are small nocturnal creatures that can cause severe itching and may not even be found during the day. The blood sucking insects use their hollow tubes to extract blood from the host’s body and inject an anesthetic along with its saliva. Though this delays detection of the itching sensation, severe itching starts once there is a dermatological reaction, and often medication is required to stop the itching. As a result a number of methods are used to get rid of these creatures.

It is not only important to know the methods of how to get rid of bed bugs, they must be prevented from resurfacing. Since they can hide in small cracks and crevices in rooms and luggage or furniture, they can easily spread from one place to another. In fact, it’s common for travelers to return home with bed bugs in their luggage. Adjoining rooms or apartments may be infested through the cracks in the walls. So the first step in getting rid of the bugs consists of pre-treatment procedures that can ensure all infested locations are identified. . Bed bugs can hide anywhere in a room and can even be found in empty apartments or rooms as they do not require regular meals to survive.

The hiding places of bed bugs have to be searched thoroughly and in order to do this it is necessary to clear the room completely. This might require changing of mattresses, overturning furniture and drawers, sealing any crack or crevice in the room or adjoining rooms along with a thorough cleaning of the room. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove any hiding insects. Various kinds of insecticides available on the market can help in answering the question of how to get rid of bed bugs.

Dusts and spray insecticides such as Cyonara 9.7, CB D Force, Drione Dust, Aerosol etc. can be used to for killing bed bugs. Application procedures differ and users must follow the instructions. Box springs and mattresses can be dusted with Drione Dust while the Cyonara 9.7 has to be mixed with a certain quantity of water before spraying. Sprays like CB D Force are ready to use and do not require any special treatment before it is used. But there are certain dust sprays which require vacuuming before using a mattress for sleeping. A residual insecticide can be especially important in getting rid of bed bugs since their durability is longer than that of other products after application. Although the question of how to get rid of bed bugs is particularly tricky and needs a lot of care and attention, insecticides can be particularly effective in removing the infestation.

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