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Growing Cabbage

Cabbage is an excellent, relatively foolproof vegetable to grow. There are three main types of cabbage. Spring, summer and winter varieties and it is possible with planning to grow a year round supply of cabbages.

Stages of Growing

Soil Preparation

Cabbage will grow in a range of soil types but prefers well drained fertile soil that has been dug over the previous autumn with plenty of well rotted manure or organic matter added.

Sowing And Planting

My preferred method of growing cabbage is to sow them indoors under glass. I sow one seed per large module and let the seedlings grow until they have five or six leaves.

You can sow the seed direct into a seed bed outdoors. The seedlings will need thinning to three inches apart and then let them grow until they also have five or six leaves.

When the cabbage seedlings are ready transplant them into firm ground, 12 inches – 18 inches apart and just below the first set of leaves. This will encourage more root growth and help with stability.

Looking After The Plants

Protect the cabbages from birds and cabbage white butterflies by netting over the crop, ensuring that the net does not touch the leaves. Keep the cabbage bed weeded and water frequently during the summer months.


Harvest when the cabbages have a good solid head before they split. Heavy rain can cause the heads to split. If this happens harvest the cabbage as soon as possible and salvage what you can for eating.

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