Pests and Garden pest remedies Getting Rid of Bed Bugs is not Impossible, But Time Consuming

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs is not Impossible, But Time Consuming

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that can be found in homes, inside furniture, and in cracks and crevices of any kind – even in mattresses. These are blood sucking insects that extract blood from the host’s body, without the host knowing about it. Minutes or hours later, the infected area is subjected to severe itching and often medication is required to reduce the excessive itching. Therefore getting rid of bed bugs has become essential for people who suffer from bed bug bites. A number of methods and techniques are used for getting rid of the tiny but dangerous insects.

Locating the bed bugs in their hiding areas constitute the main task of getting rid of bed bugs. Since they are small insects which can be hard to detect, all cracks in the rooms must be thoroughly checked. A favorite nesting area is behind wall switches and covers. Furniture, luggage and mattresses needs to be cleaned or overturned. A clutter free and clean room is the prerequisite. Bed bugs can be completely removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner, which can clean unreachable areas of the room and furniture. A hard brush should be used to remove all eggs that might be present. Temperatures above 113 degrees Fahrenheit are not compatible for their survival. They cannot tolerate extreme heat and steam cleaning can be used for complete removal of the bugs.

In order to make the steam cleaning process effective it is essential to completely expose the room. If mattresses are infected with bed bugs, it might become necessary to replace it. If there are holes or tears in the fabric of the mattress, there is an increased chance of bed bugs and their eggs hiding inside. In these circumstances, either the mattress needs to be changed or it can be treated with special insecticides that kill bed bugs. Tempo Ultra SC, Drione Dust, Delta Dust etc., are some of the insecticides that can be used on mattresses for getting rid of bed bugs. However, it is necessary to vacuum the mattress before sleeping if Delta Dust is used. But there is no harm in keeping Drione Dust on the mattress.

Spray insecticides, dusts and residual insecticides can be used for getting rid of bed bugs. CB D Force, Cyonara 9.7 and Aerosol are some of the insecticides that can prove to be effective. Spraying them 3 to 4 times within a period of 2 months can remove the bugs. The dusts are used according to application instructions while the other insecticides can be used either in its original form or by mixing it withy water, depending on its specific requirements.

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