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Flea Bites

Sand fleas like to attack the lower limbs like feet and legs of a person who is standing in an upright position. This is because the sand fleas can only jump up to 40 cm. If you are lying down in the sand, then you risk being bitten by a sand flea anywhere on your body. Leaving your towel on the beach sand is helpful in having the sand fleas attach themselves on the towel. You can be bitten when using the towel or risk taking them home with you.

This species of flea is not to be confused with the insect flea. A sand flea is classified as a crustacean because it has a hard shell and lives on the coast close to water. Sand fleas love cool air and water or moisture. They can also be found living close to mud, mud puddles, or muddy areas. You can prevent sand fleas from living close to your home by filling holes so water will not make mud puddles.

They are very much different from the insect species flea. The insect flea has wings and the sand flea has no wings.

How Are the Sand Fleas and Insect Fleas Similar

Both types of fleas, the sand flea and the insect flea carry diseases. They both cause redness, swelling, pain, and fever if you are bitten. Both types of flea bites look similar, except for when the female sand flea enters the skin to lay eggs. The two types of fleas live in different climate conditions and different habitats. Both types of fleas can attach themselves to human skin, pet skin, and towels or clothing.

Both types of fleas, the insect fleas and the sand fleas have no special choices in who they want to bite. They will bite adults. both men and women, children, teens, and even babies. Babies who have been bitten by any type of flea should be taken for medical attention as soon as possible.

Treating Flea Bites

When you have been bitten by fleas, whether it was the sand flea or the insect flea, then you should not neglect taking care of the bites because they will become worse if not treated and will leave scarring. You can take Tylenol for pain and fever, but an anti-inflammatory will be helpful in reducing the swelling. If you scratch the bites, they can become infected and when this happens you will need an oral antibiotic. You may also try antibiotic creams to treat the infected area and redness of the bites. Infection can enter the blood stream and this is why an oral antibiotic that is prescribed from the doctor will be really helpful in speeding the healing process. Aloe Vera can reduce the itching and pain too.

Aloe Vera gel can help cool the skin and prevent itching, burning, and redness. Your flea bites will feel much better after using Aloe Vera gel. You can purchase Aloe Vera gel or cream in most any health food store, department store, pharmacy store or even order it online. It is really inexpensive and keeping some on hand will really be helpful in soothing most any insect bite.

When people are bitten by fleas, many of them suffer an allergic reaction from the bite. You will notice redness, swelling, pain, and itching. When you have an allergic reaction to flea bites, it is best that you seek medical attention. Taking an anti-inflammatory medication will be helpful until you get to the doctor. Rubbing an anti-itch cream will keep the itch away for a while and prevent you from scratching the area. scratching the flea bites can cause infection around the area of the bites and it can also enter the blood stream causing other medical complications to arise.

Flea Bites on Animals

Fleas love to bite animals too. In fact, fleas ca live in an animal’s coat and on their skin. The animal flea bites look similar to flea bites on a human. This makes the animal uncomfortable. Flea bites on any animal cause pain, redness, swelling, and fever just like a flea that has bitten human skin. There are many ways you can prevent your pet from becoming infested with fleas. Flea powder can be purchased from stores and online retailers and so can dips, creams, and shampoos to that offer to rid of fleas and provide protection for months. A vet can also recommend a flea treatment for your pet.

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