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Autumn coloring

Although we find it a bit difficult to say goodbye to summer and get back into the routine, we love to watch autumn begin and appreciate the change in color of the deciduous trees. It is striking to note that when the cold weather begins we have the warmest colors in the vegetation, the gardens are dressed in shades of red, orange and yellow. And dont forget about best snow rake.

We love the autumn, it is a time of the year when the gardens experience an explosion of changes and colors.

For us it is important to take care of the detail in the selection of species to achieve a dynamic garden, in which every moment of the year is special because of the aesthetic changes it experiences.

The gardens in which the planting is selected in detail are contemplated the seasonal changes, the autumn color range and the combination between the colors and textures in all the seasons of the year are taken care of, being the spring and autumn the moments in which more colors appear in the garden.

It is important to create a perennial planting background so that the contrast between the greens and the fall colors is noticeable.

Not to mention that in winter plants and deciduous trees will run out of leaves and will need perennial species to maintain the structure of the garden.

Trees shed their leaves when autumn arrives due to the decrease in sunlight hours and the drop in temperature. The trees value the effort that supposes them to maintain the leaves in exchange for the energy that they are going to obtain and decide that it is to them more advisable to be maintained in a period of inactivity, until the beginning of the spring, moment in which they will use all the resources to return to generate a great foliar surface with which to assure the capture of energy.

We help you to choose the best species of plants for your garden, and of course they look in all seasons.

What trees look more colorful in autumn?

Here we leave you with some of the deciduous trees that have a great explosion of colors during this season, which by dimensions we recommend for small/medium size gardens.

Trees with yellow tones

  • Horse Chestnut, Aesculus hippocastanum, is a large tree with large green leaves that in winter are transformed into an intense yellow.
  • Ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba, its beautiful fan-shaped leaves have a fantastic yellow color. They form bright yellow circles on the ground when they fall.
  • The Granado, Punica granatum, which we talked about in last week’s post, also boasts yellowish tones in its leaves during the autumn season.

Trees with reddish tones

  • Liquidámbar, Liquidambar styraciflua, is very ornamental thanks to the shape and copper color of its foliage.
  • Sugar maple, Acer saccharinum, is a medium sized tree, which experiences an explosion of color with the arrival of autumn.
  • Jupiter tree, Lagerstroemia indica, is a small size tree, ideal for terraces and small gardens. In autumn, its leaves take on orange colors providing a note of color with high aesthetic quality.

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